DraftStreet Picks for June 26th

Short and compact tonight, just like a Chase Utley cut! No, he’s not part of the Daily Wolf Pack.

Mike Leake ($12,349) – Would you believe Leake’s fly-ball % is down almost a full ten percent since he debuted as a rookie? It’s 24.8% this season. The Giants are full of pesky veteran hitters, but it’s a big park they’re playing in tomorrow night and I would take the under total bet even with Ryan Vogelsong starting on the other side. It’s going to be that kind of game. Leake eats innings and should keep the ball in the yard. I tell you what I wouldn’t do – I sure the Hell wouldn’t run Vogelsong out there for $2,000+ more. I like Leake a lot better tomorrow, for once.

Melky Cabrera ($7,555) – Scott Carroll, poor Scotty Carroll has got like; no chance tomorrow. The Blue Jays are going to score a pile of runs and the Melk-man is going to be in the middle of all of it. He’s sitting on 98 hits for the season, he’ll be at or over 100 by night’s end tomorrow. He sports a .311 average against righties. Pay the premium and let the man fill your stat sheet.

Ike Davis ($5,025) – Man, it feels like shit to endorse Ike Davis in any manner. The guy is hitting .050 against lefties which would matter if he was facing a lefty tomorrow, but he’s got Dice-K in his sights. Righties support his entire stat-line, they are his lifeline in this world. He only exists to hit them. For most first base options with home run potential you’ll pay a premium, but not for stinky Ike. We won’t go as far as saying he will homer, but we have a feeling. Now we’re gonna go take a shower.

How about a couple Milwaukee mini-stack options to get to Christian Friedrich in Coors Field-lite:

Mark Reynolds ($6,129)
Khris Davis ($6,486)
Rickie Weeks ($4,968)