Throwing it around

Happy Tuesday in baseball-land. Here are the links of the day:

-Here is the Giancarlo Stanton line-drive home run you may have heard about from last night. [Deadspin]
-I listened to the Buster Olney Podcast today, loved the story he told about Tony Gwynn and the nine grains of pain. []
-It was a great game I watched between the Angels and Indians in Cleveland. [OC Register]
-Bryce Harper is getting close. [Nats Insider]
-I love FanGraphs chats. I ordered a FanGraphs t-shirt late last night, because I am a nerd. [FanGraphs]

Finally, we leave you with this gem of the internet. Here is the 1988 NL All Star Lineup being announced. For some reason, this is just epic.