Tales of Mike Trout at Millville Senior High School


I spent the weekend in New Jersey for a wedding. When you do this, you get a chance to pick people’s brains. I have a family member who has caddied for Joe Pesci regularly. And I have a friend of the family who mentioned he liked Mike Trout because he saw him play multiple times at Millville Senior High School.

Here is what he had to say – and you better believe I paid close attention:

  • Trout reminded him of Mickey Mantle from the first time he saw him. The build, the speed out of the box, and the straight from the top throwing motion.
  • On Trout’s high-school team, it was a superstar and eight other rec-ball players really. It was a man amongst boys. Even then, Trout never showed an ounce of being condescending and was a great teammate.
  • Trout’s on-base average was .750 or something insane his senior year even due to the fact he was the only guy in the lineup that could hurt other teams.
  • He was glad to see him sign long-term with the Angels and not surprised considering his make-up. He never expects Trout to end up a Yankee no matter how it shakes out.

Overall, there was more that I just can’t seem to recall. It was neat hearing from a guy who sat in the small stands and watched Mike Trout play while wearing the Millville gear.