Happy Anniversary, You Puig


It was one year ago tonight that it all began for the prize-winning Puig, and what better way to celebrate than by posting a cool GIF that shows his career accomplishments that that polygonal Puig MLB The Show graphic.

One year into a career that has featured more ‘holy shit’ moments than any other I can remember one year in, and the guy is a .326 hitter. To his detractors who said things like ‘he’s going to bust’ or ‘Puig should be the one the Dodgers look to move’ it’s time to admit you were wrong. To those who have enjoyed the unique skill set that seems like a hybrid of Bo Jackson and Manny Ramirez rolled into one, it’s time to rejoice a little bit. This kid is for real and he might be the game’s finest player at the moment.

The best part about his one year anniversary is it signifies that he’s just getting started. Viva La Puig!