Happy Oscar Taveras Day


You have probably heard that Oscar Taveras was called up from AAA for the St. Louis Cardinals, and the long wait for those who love young prospects is over. Today, Oscar Taveras becomes a made man.

Here’s the scouting report on young Oscar, from Baseball America:

Taveras, 21, is at .325/.373/.524 this season at Memphis with seven home runs and a team-best 40 RBIs. He’s been especially good in the past 10 games (.462/.481/.641) with nine RBIs in his past nine games. He has hit righthanders and lefties at almost an equal clip, showing his usual knack for the barrel and plus power from the left side.

The Cardinals have not been shy about touting Taveras’ talent. Mozeliak has called him the best hitting prospect the club has produced since Albert Pujols.

Taveras has a lightning-quick bat, honed in part by unusual tactics such as swinging at a tire lashed to a fence or at bottle caps. He’s a bad-ball hitter but doesn’t strike out much (25 in 191 at-bats this season) and has present strength and promise of more power. He’s an aggressive hitter and thus won’t draw many walks.

He’s a swinger folks. We have already seen some of the success that an aggressive hitter can have early in a career before there is a book that exists to get a guy out with (see Puig, Yasiel). For this reason, we would guess that Taveras enjoys some early success and becomes a real shot in the arm for the Cardinals. Plus; they are the Cardinals, it’s not like they have things not work out and blow up in their face as an organization.

Happy Oscar Taveras Day!