It’s Jay Bruce Day!


It’s hard to believe that six years ago today, Jay Bruce got the call-up to the big leagues. The years have really gone rolling by, because it doesn’t seem like it was six years ago tonight that it all began for one of our favorite players.

You can bet that out in Los Angeles tonight, Jay Bruce will do something big. It happens every year on May 27th.

Bruce has homered four times on this date in his career. He also opened up his career with a three hit game in Cincinnati in which we were present.

I feel for Zach Greinke tonight out in Los Angeles if he gives Bruce something to hit. Something big is going to happen.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Jay Bruce Day!”

  1. Bruce blooows!!!!! He should have been traded two years ago when he broke a major league record for leaving 388 men on base! That is not a misprint- 388!!

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