No one Bat Flips like Yasiel Puig Bat Flips in Miami


Yasiel Puig has really been something to marvel at lately. He got six hits on Thursday, stole a couple of bags last night, and then tonight he hit a monster home run in Miami that helped the Dodgers sneak by those tricky Marlins 9-7 in 11 innings.

Monster bomb by Yasiel Puig off a Jacob Turner hanging breaking ball. It lands in Giancarlo territory, way out over The Clevelander.

Puig might make his gaffes in the field and have a peanut for a brain, but you can’t sit here and tell me he’s not one of the most fun players in the big leagues in the same way that Manny Ramirez was fun. You know you don’t change your channel when he’s about to come to the plate and you definitely don’t leave the room. We’re all about guys like that.

And the bat flip is really a thing. It’s not going anywhere. Griffey had his thing when he homered, you can picture it in your head right now as you read these words. It was kind of ‘pimping’ a homer. Some of the other icons in the game had their thing when they homered (Sammy’s hop, McGwire’s bat toss, Bonds pimp job), why can’t the bat flip be Puig’s thing when he gets into one?