Your Saturday Baseball Post


Last night was one of the most action-packed evenings of baseball I’ve seen in a long time. Exploding¬† offenses, literally all over the league. So many big name players homered, and the explosion of runs capped off a pretty wild week of baseball that had a little bit of everything. We had the pine tar neck of Michael Pineda, a brawl with Carlos Gomez and Gerrit Cole, and last night was probably capped off by the biggest moment of the entire week. Big Cuban Stud Jose Abreu, we hope you weren’t sleeping.

And listen to Hawk Harrelson! This guy is one of the earth’s greatest treasures. When Abreu hits that ball, Hawk loses any semblance of the fact that he’s working and his job is to be impartial to either side. Instead, he’s yelling ‘GET OVER HIS HEAD’. And it does. And the White Sox have the signature moment of the week.


This is one of the best sports Saturdays of the year so far. A full slate of MLB action, great Stanley Cup Playoff hockey, the NBA playoffs, and my wife wants me to watch ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ tonight. My morning alarm clock has been replaced by my wife puking into our sink or toilet and now this is the stuff that I will watch instead of all the great ball that’s on.

Saturday is the best day of the week and baseball is the greatest sport on earth – that is the only agenda we have here.

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