Screen-Shotting the Game

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 12.09.25 AM

For all of you that are concerned about Yasiel Puig’s sophomore campaign he’s got a little news for you because you see Yasiel Puig is just going to visit the Metal Supply Co. building out in left field at Petco while you’re eating dinner you see and that was a monster bomb, so Yasiel is just fine for now thanks. Yasiel does not mind my run-on sentences. Dodgers win 3-2, hanging on by the skin of their teeth and Kenley Jansen’s blazing fastballs.

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This is the last, first-day of school for The Captain. Derek Jeter went 1 for 3 in Houston and the Yankees got knocked around by the Astros.

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Adam Lind took a piece of Alex Cobb earlier tonight that Cobb can never have back. And Lind is sporting a new gnome beard. He’s getting rounder folks.

To all of you who bought the tremendous Alex Cobb hype; he is still just a decent pitcher with some hype until otherwise noted.

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The Mariners are a pesky bunch thus far.

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‘Erasmo Ramirez really resembles your everyday gardener’ – Detroit Stars/Corey.

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Here is quite possibly the world’s only A.J. Pollock fan. And what the Hell does this sign even mean anyway? If anyone can decipher it, you will be awarded a prize. The ‘#1 Back DBack’ has hit like garbage this year so far and he’s quite possibly the most ordinary player that ever lived.