Here’s Adam Dunn, Sean Casey, Danny Graves and some 2002 Reds at a Poison/Cinderella Concert


This photo serves as proof that we look at Adam Dunn’s twitter feed entirely too little. This photo would be tough for the common man to put a date to, but we’re going to begin by saying it was 2002.

Pictured in the photo from left to right is Todd Walker, Sean Casey, Danny Graves, Aaron Boone, and the legend Donkey himself. By 2003, Todd Walker was no longer a Cincinnati Red. He was a Jim Bowden casualty.

The group played together in 2001, but it is important to note that Dunn was not called up until very late in that season. We’re comfortable with dating this photo from 2002, not that it matters any.

What matters is that Adam Dunn is awesome (editor’s note: he hit career home run 441 today in Chicago), and this group of Reds were a lot of fun. In this picture is a group of really good guys who were never anything but really nice to the fans. We’ve also heard dozens stories from around this period in time 2002-2004 when we lived in Cincinnati about this group’s off-field theatrics. They went to see Poison and Cinderella. I also went to see Poison and Cinderella that same summer. That was my third time drinking moonshine: first, last, only.