Your Saturday Baseball Post


There’s baseball on tap today. The long winter wait has come to an end. The Dodgers started the season on the smiling side of the scoreboard and will look to be the only team in the game who wins their final game in October after winning their first game in March.

We’ll be writing and blogging about up in these parts for most of the day. We should probably grab a nap since we slept about four hours last night – but who can sleep when it’s baseball season when there are so many Fangraphs and Baseball-Reference pages to look at, fantasy teams to draft, and other irrelevant corners of the internet that you can read about baseball related stuff.

Saturday is the best day on earth and they’re extra special when it’s baseball season. Bask in the glory, because we get the game until almost November now.

Your video treat today is the biggest pimp job home run possibly ever hit. A gentleman named Rich Aude (pronounced ‘Ah-day) hits a game winning home run, and does a circling-the-bases equivalent of U MAD BRO?

Career stats in the majors for Aude: .225 lifetime average with two home runs.