It’s Ottoneu Draft Day, Life’s other plans are on hold


Back on February 28th of 2012, a legendary fantasy league was spawned. It was spawned partly by horrible human error on behalf of greater than three or four league members.

You see, in Ottoneu’s auction draft format, a team owner must ‘nominate’ a player for bidding during the draft. At our inaugural draft I was in need of a catcher, and was quite happy to see a J. Mauer still available! The bidding picked up fast and furious, and soon I was right-clicking my mouse with the ferocity of a little old lady that desperately needed the tea set at the estate sale. What I ended up with was no antiquity.


I spent $14 on Joe Mauer’s brother who probably builds birdhouses. And I still didn’t realize what the Hell had happened so I tweeted to brag about it. Somehow, this guy had slipped his way into the player draft pool and had several owners bidding for his services without knowing that he was the manager of the Cedar Rapids Kernels.

Except I didn’t get Joe Mauer – I just didn’t get stuck with Jake – and Ottoneu was nice enough to credit me back my $14 Ottoneu currency. And because we’re all gluttons for pain, several of us added Jake Mauer who provides no fantasy value to our rosters for $1 at various times the past few years, carried him for a few weeks and them dropped him; like throwing a timeless keepsake back into the ocean.

After that we decided to name our Ottoneu league “Jake Mauer” simply put. You can find us discussing the league on twitter with the hashtag #JakeMauer.

Tonight is the third annual draft. Due to this famed man who will probably spend a lifetime residing in Minnesota – our lives are forever changed. If you’re out there Jake; come forward and speak.