Some Tobacco use in baseball commentary


The Boston Globe had a nice read on tobacco usage around baseball today. And make no bones about it – it’s still one of our most guiltiest pleasures and addictions. Dropping it completely will be one of the hardest things we’ve ever done in our life. When we have our first kid, we’ll never touch it again. No questions asked. And if we don’t quit then we know we never will. Which is why we’ll have to quit.

It’s amazing to read the quotes of guys around baseball who continue to use and to see they’re not that different from us. They don’t really like it or enjoy it anymore, yet they continue to use out of habit. The difference is they say they’re not addicted – and we will freely admit that the habit is the addiction in and of itself.

If I could give advice to a young high school player who stumbles across this blog: don’t ever touch the stuff. You’ll open a door that will be hard to close. Still, we never quite got that edge that David Ortiz speaks of from chewing ranch sunflower seeds. They just made us hungry.