We’re through February, and we missed our 7th Birthday


Today has double special meaning on this blog. Yesterday was Diamond Hoggers’ 7th birthday. In the blog world, that’s truly an eternity.

When we began the site heading into Spring Training back in 2007 we had no idea where it would lead or how it would end, we just knew we wanted to write about all-things baseball. All these years later we’re still having fun putting our thoughts, analysis, and dick jokes all in one spot. A lot of blogs have came and went or changed addresses or names in that amount of time. We’re still going strong (3,777 posts later) and plan on another seven years of baseball talk, at the least.

We’re also through the most dreadful month on the calendar, February. That in itself is reason to be just a bit happier when you wake up in the morning. Despite the brutal winter storm on it’s way here in the Midwest this weekend, it’s still March. There are spring training games being played. The NCAA Basketball conference tournaments and March Madness tournament are just around the corner. Fantasy drafts are starting soon. This is the best time of year, just by virtue of tearing out that ‘February’ page in your daily planner.

So happy seventh birthday to this site. It’s changed the way I look at baseball writing on the internet, and hopefully when you visit here you leave feeling like we’re a site that will have a worthy take on the major events in the world’s greatest sport. Baseball is the thing we love most in life. We keep this site going for people who share that sentiment.