Budweiser campaigning to make MLB Opening Day a National Holiday

Budweiser (with the help of Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith) is campaigning to make Major League Baseball Opening Day a national holiday.

The petition can be found here, and it’s already rapidly approaching the goal of 100,000 signatures needed to send to the white house.

I have decided that I’m not really ever going to work on Opening Day unless my schedule absolutely dictates it. There are a few times in a calendar year I feel you just can’t be on the clock. One of them is Christmas and Christmas Eve. The other would be Opening Day. I’m all for giving America this day off to consider the country’s National Pastime.

So whether or not our country decides to make this a day in which the country celebrates, I’m already doing it. I’ll be off around noon on that Monday in late March, grilling some hot dogs with multiple games going and all my fantasy teams queued up on the computer.

Still a great idea on Budweiser’s part – it’s damn near visionary in fact.