Throwing it Around

We’re now less than 30 days until baseball season officially kicks off. Why the Hell does the off-season have to be so long? We’ll continue to ride it out, and soon we’ll have some real baseball to discuss. With most of the teams in camp now, there are some interesting reads circulating the internet. Here are a few:

-Bryce Harper is ready for 2014, says Thomas Boswell. [Washington Post]
-Andrelton Simmons is the latest Brave to sign an extension. [Hardball Talk]
-Justin Verlander. Sports cars. Is he boinking Kate Upton again? [MLive]
-I always enjoy a good Eno Sarris chat. [Fangraphs]
-Here’s some of the new features for MLB 14 The Show which won’t be released for months still. [Fansided]
-When Prick Managers roamed the earth. [San Francisco Chronicle]
-Mike Trout is in the best shape of his life. []