Thank Goodness for no Ads on Major League Baseball Uniforms

Here’s something that makes me sick, even though it’s only the National Basketball Associastion considering adding uniform ads in a few seasons.

Thank goodness that Major League Baseball has no plan to commercialize the most sacred part of any game – the very laundry that the players wear and the symbol that each of us have a rooting interest in.

For only being in my early 30’s, I’m a crotchety old miser when it comes to my sports. I hate that the dollars have imposed upon sports so much already. When I watch a football game, I’m overwhelmed by the cosmetic changes and sponsorship of everything down to the damn extra point kick.

Everyone has their hand out, and everyone is seemingly in negotiations these days to capitalize on the opportunity to be seen in hopes of building a brand and making a dollar. For as much as I love all sports; for as much as they give me something to focus on and to do year-round, I absolutely HATE this aspect of sports.

I commend baseball, and I am so happy that this is my favorite sport. It’s one of the things baseball does that makes me proud to be a fan. When baseball put those Spiderman ads on the bases back in 2004, I tolerated it. I didn’t like it, but if you want to puts ads on the wall or some part of the landscape at the ballpark I will put up with it without putting up much of a fuss. Some teams even feel the need to sell ad space on their foul pole, which is at least a unique touch even if it’s a bit much.

But leave my sacred baseball uniforms alone! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go watch the NBA All Star Saturday Night sponsored by State Farm, featuring the three-point shootout, inevitably sponsored by someone else.