Your Saturday Baseball Post


This is based on 1992, in case you’re wondering.

It’s 26 degrees where we’re at right now, and it seems like baseball is nowhere in sight. That said, just five weeks from now there will be real, live, counting-stats baseball on television.

Teams and players are starting to trickle into spring training camps; something always has me longing to go to Florida these next five weeks. That picture above is from around the era when I used to go visit my grandparents in Florida and we would hit up the various big league camps (Winter Haven, Plant City, etc.). It was a truly glorious time in life. My biggest stresses those days was would the ice cream truck stop by my grandparent’s Florida neighborhood and would I get the chance to ask for Barry Larkin’s autograph when we went to the training complex.

We really are getting closer to baseball season. We figured it was a great time to start this thread back up. Enjoy your Sochi Olympics, NBA All Star contests, or whatever the Hell it is you’re doing to keep busy while we all wait the storm out.