This Will Be Derek Jeter’s Last Season in Baseball


There are few players who are as immensely solid and steady as Derek Jeter has been for two decades now. When he began his Hall of Fame run, I was not yet even in High School. Things are now winding down, and as he enters what he today declared to be his final season, I’m ten years into my own career and adult life.

If only I would have been as consistent as Jeter.

This is not a post meant to eulogize the guy just yet; that will come on this blog after he’s played his final game. But before you go saying ‘here comes another tribute season to someone’, try and remember that baseball is just a much better place with Derek Jeter as part of it. I’m by no means a Yankee fan, but I respect the place in the game that the Yankee captain signifies. Jeter has done a great job carrying that torch with dignity and respect, never once tarnishing his name. You don’t find flip phone pictures of Derek Jeter doing anything funny floating around the internet. He has been the consummate teammate and professional for such a long period of time. I mean honestly; who goes 20 years without screwing up in some fashion?

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Here’s the message Jeter left on his Official Facebook Page:

I can honestly say when it’s said and done, I’m going to miss Derek Jeter. I’ll be watching when he takes the field at Yankee Stadium for the final time.