We’re Getting Closer: 60 Days until Opening Day


The past few nights, it’s been depressing around my house. I’ve found myself watching Pro Wrestling (and that’s actually not the depressing part) along with actually following the NBA a little bit. Watching Pro Basketball and having a rooting interest is the equivalent of hitting rock bottom. And I’ll admit it – I’ve resorted to gambling on the NBA. It’s a shameful act. Those point spreads. Those totals. Only a fool of a man would take his hard-earned money and lay it on a team to cover by sums of 10 or 11.5. I am that man.

Baseball season is a stark contrast to that. It’s like hearing sounds of Heaven non-stop for six months. And every day you’re rewarded with a new nightly slate that runs deep into the night hours. It is honest and true. It’s a sport I actually know and understand.

We have two months remaining until that glorious March 30th evening. Two long, grueling months. Any kind of man can make it through two months, surely.

This baseball season, I plan to visit MyTopSportsBooks.com to place my baseball bets. I’m going to do some major damage, starting with Opening Day. It’s going to be a glorious celebration of not only my favorite sport by also my favorite thing to wager on.

The Super Bowl is this Sunday. It’s culmination always sends the official countdown into full-force and begins toughest stretch of the year after for us die hard baseball fans.

So work late, hit the gym a few extra days, join an extra rotisserie league to prepare for; whatever you need to do to pass the time. With any luck, MLB The Show ’14 will be out sometime in March and we’ll have the NCAA Tournament to get us through the final stretch. There is a light at the end of the tunnel men!