Thursday Night on The Baseball Show: Bip Roberts

This Thursday night on The Baseball Show podcast we’ll have former Reds All-Star Bip Roberts on the show. We’re really excited about this. Roberts was always one of our favorite former big league players. When we were kids back in ’92 (arguably Roberts’ finest season), we used to tell our parents that Bip was Barry Larkin’s little brother. When they corrected us and said that he wasn’t indeed Larkin’s brother, we told them that indeed he was because he was number 10 (Larkin was 11, like that had anything to do with it) and because as a 9 year old kid, they looked like each other. Kids are stupid.

We’re looking forward to talking some baseball with one of our favorite former big league stars. Be sure to catch this week’s edition of The Baseball Show podcast.

Bip, you’re worth $275 to us!