A 1990 Starting Lineup Figure Commercial Which May or May Not Feature the Late Paul Walker

It’s a holiday weekend, so why not get into some nostalgia here. These things were the greatest. I attribute Kenner Starting Lineups with initially getting me interested in baseball to begin with (all the way back in 1988).

And as I’m watching this video and looking at some of the heroes of yesteryear immortalized forever in plastic, I’m wondering where the Hell is their marketing of 1990 Ken Griffey Jr.? And then at the :11 mark, I’m pretty sure that is pre-fame Paul Walker telling us that ‘he likes the guys he likes’. That’s him, isn’t it?

I wish these were still made based on today’s players. I suppose at some point over the Christmas holiday I’ll venture into the basement at mom’s and get into my old closet at home that contains my baseball cards and of course boxes of Starting Lineup figures and I’ll pull a few out and take that stroll down memory lane when life was simpler the source of my greatest stress was all about whether or not that 1993 Greg Maddux figure was going to be under our tree.

Enjoy the Holidays everyone!