MLB The Show ’14 First Look

Wow! Now Jayson Werth’s facial hair is going to look even better! I’m kidding. This game was already insanely detailed and it can only continue to look like a great sports game next to the turds that the Madden team churns out yearly. The difference is this year it’s moving over to the Playstation 4 – where you can now play games in a matter of a few minutes thanks to ‘simulated pitch counts’ and you can push a button to upload your insane highlight plays into the video game wizard cloud forever (if there is a way, more than a few of those plays are going to end up on this site).

Also, there was no cover vote this season involving cheesy twitter hash-tags and bribes from candidates that you didn’t win. The cover player was deserving and it’s the best hitter on the planet, Miguel Cabrera. It also looks as if the series has unveiled a new logo.

Can it just be March so I can have a Playstation 4 and own this game and spend likely my last year outside of fatherhood being a damn baseball video game wizard? Please?