David Price is an Ass Wipe

I have a good friend who heard David Price speak at a National College Coaching convention a few years back. Following the speech he heard at the Chicago convention something stuck in my mind about David Price.

This guy (a fellow former lefty pitcher) had major disdain for Price based upon what Price had to say. One thing that stuck out in his mind was that Price was asked ‘what is your goal for your career’. Price’s answer had nothing to do with a team accomplishment; namely winning a world title. Price went on to answer that he would like to pile up Cy Young Awards and eventually be named to the Hall of Fame.

And now, David Price going on a twitter rant and listing his many personal accomplishments like a thin-skinned athlete makes a lot more sense to me.

I was neutral on David Price. Now I don’t like David Price either. And I bet he did have nightmares about David Ortiz last night.