Baseball Gods: Bless These Boys on this day


It’s almost game time. I’m getting ready to start the pre-game festivities (Captain Morgan, since I’m going doing faithfully with the ship). I listened to 700 WLW on the way home from work and listened to Cowboy Brantley, Tracy Jones and the like talk Reds. I realized that we have to find a way to win this game tonight. We just have to. My nerves are calming. But there’s no way to put it into words how big tonight is.

I hope the ghosts are out tonight and that the ghosts of 1990 weasel their way into Pittsburgh and across the Clemente bridge and into PNC Park.


Let the Baseball Gods shine upon these 25 men in Red this evening. And if they shall fail and fall short once again, please God spare my heart and give me the strength to cope. I have to work tomorrow. Back with a full recap at some point.