Hard Hittin’ Mark Whiten Memorial Player of the Week


I kind of thought this might be a breakout year for Brandon Moss. He’s OPS’ing about 100 points less than he did last season, but with the huge week he had last week he’s already bettered his power numbers and has an eye on destroying his previous career bests. He’s also also been named Hard Hittin’ Mark Whiten Memorial Player of the Week. Here’s the weekly stat line that got him the gig:

8 for 22 (.360), .500/.955/1.455, 4 HR, 11 RBI, 6 walks, 8 runs, and as always the token “slow guy stolen base”.

Moss’ four homers came in three consecutive games in which he ransacked the Tigers pitching staff – Verlander, Smyly, and Scherzer were the victims.

What is it with these Oakland journeyman guys (Moss previously played for the Red Sox, Pirates, and Phillies – you did not know that) going on these apeshit streaks? I mean seriously; they have a bunch of roundabout guys who comprise a roster of 25 that no one else really wanted, they’re not good on paper, and every year they’re somehow winning the damn division and having guys get on these late season hot streaks that are the stuff of legend.

If you’re looking to catch lightning in a bottle on your fantasy team, be sure to scope out some Oakland players on the waiver wire early tomorrow morning. Like catfish in a lake that hasn’t been fished, they’ll be there. Bring your lantern for these bottom feeders.