A Cubbies Matinee at Wrigley is the perfect way to kick off a Holiday Weekend


Every now and again, baseball schedule makers do something right.

Scheduling the Cubs at home for a holiday weekend is nothing short of brilliant. I got home from work a bit early today and turned on the Cubs game. They’re gridlocked in a 5-5 game with the Phillies and it’s a game between two teams where there couldn’t be much less on the line. But oh man, to be a Chicagoan with a healthy functioning liver on this sunny day in Wrigleyville. It’s equivalent to a life in paradise. And win or lose – they’ll celebrate in Chicago tonight like it was a make or break day at the old ballyard today for the futile Cubs.

You know they’ll be twisting doobies with that extra recovery day coming Monday. You know they’ll be drinking those delicious cold 312’s like they’ll only be sold until 2 am and then never offered again. They’ll stumble back to their shanty’s in this big city and then wake (and bake) and do it all over again tomorrow morning like it’s a college football campus.

I can’t wait until the Cubs get good again because I’m going to go up to Chicago and join in the fanfare myself. For the meantime, there’s no better place for baseball to begin a holiday weekend than Wrigley Field, even if the Cubs are once again mired in the throws of mediocrity.