Scott Boras wants a 12-year deal for Bryce Harper


Scott Boras tipped his hand a little bit – if you can consider it anything shocking – by saying  he wants a 12-year deal for Bryce Harper whenever that time comes.

If you were expecting anything fair from Boras on the topic then you were being extremely naive. The guy is here to destroy the game of baseball’s financial cash flow sheets with the green heading in one direction: his own.

There’s two sides to every deal. You’ve got the marketability of Harper, the potential of him being a future Hall of Famer, all the talent and skill set in the world; and all that great stuff. I’m as big of a Harper fan (when he’s on the field) as anyone. But this deal at the moment looks extremely risky. Harper thus far has decent but not phenomenal numbers. There are aspects of his stats that have been phenomenal; and I believe there will be seasons in which he’s the best player in baseball statistically.

That said, he’s proved to be made of glass. If you’re going to bend over and let Boras put it to you for a dozen years, you better make sure that you’re getting a player who is extremely durable and who will age well. While I’m sure there’s a team in baseball that is willing to roll the dice with their finances; I look into the crystal ball of Harper’s career and I see a lot of seasons where he doesn’t play 100 games. When he ages and progresses skill-wise, and he plays in 140 to 160 games, you’re going to see some huge numbers out of the guy. I expect ultimately we see a player who could have been one of the greatest ever if he could have stopped getting hurt so much. I see a gleam when he’s on the field, but he’s out of the lineup entirely too much for too many really small reasons.

And in closing for now; Scott Boras is so bad for the game you cannot define it with a simple sentence. He is a greedy pig, and he makes everything I love about the game seem so much less articulate when I realize he’s got his slimy fingerprints throughout it.