Vin Scully returns to Dodgers for season 65 in 2014


One of baseball’s greatest marriages will continue for at least one more season. This is possibly the greatest news that has made it’s way out for baseball’s 2014 season.

Vin Scully will return to the Dodgers in 2014, his 65th season at his profession. Scully will be 85, and while there’s been no official announcement that it will be his final season, it is likely. I have to get to Dodger Stadium next year in Vin’s final season to bid him a proper farewell, somehow.

There is almost nothing more relaxing then turning the Dodgers on at 10:00 here in the Eastern time zone and listening to the grand old grandfather of the game tell stories about every player. He’s so magical you get lost in it. Vin Scully does his part to make the die-hard fan fall deeper in love with the game on a nightly basis.