Hard Hittin’ Mark Whiten Player of The Week


Well here’s a sentence I never thought I would type: Alfonso Soriano is the hard hittin’est of them all. And it’s hardly a sentence because there’s a word in there that isn’t in the English language (unless you speak Diamond Hogger).

Starting one calendar week ago today, Soriano had one of the biggest weeks in baseball history; and one that is worthy of him being named HHMWMPOTW.

Here are the stats – and you better be sitting down:

15 for 22 (.682 batting average), Five home runs, 18 RBI, .682/.708/1.409 slash line. That’s an OPS of 2.117 for a week. True to Soriano form, he walked just one time even being as white-hot as he was. The crazy bastard had 14 RBI in a 3-game stretch which tied a big league record. Then for shits and giggles he collected four more on the fourth night to give him his total of 18.

I hope that someone’s fantasy baseball team reaped the benefits of this tidal wave of offense he provided. I was one of the ignorant ones who talked myself out of picking him up for a short tour of duty because while I thought he might have a resurgence in his second go around as a Yankee, I couldn’t see anything like this coming down the pipeline.

Here’s the grand slam he hit at Yankee Stadium to really get this going. No one can say that Soriano’s second chance in pinstripes didn’t go over well. The guy can still flat out hit when he gets in a groove.