Ned Colletti is the Godfather of baseball team builder’s and GM’s


We’ve always been a fan of Ned Colletti from afar. A big reason for this is because of his friendly connection to our former teammate over at The Next Level Ballplayer. Colletti always just seemed like one of baseball’s truly ‘good guys’, plus he’s Italian. And everyone loves a good Pisan.

But right now, it’s looking as if Ned Colletti has built a baseball super-power in the way of a 25-man roster. The Dodgers look like men against boys on a nightly basis. They’re humiliating good teams. They’re winning on the road. They’re out-scoring teams, they’re pitching. They are a monster. They are borderline unstoppable. Colletti build this structure that is the mighty Dodgers. We would argue; that it’s good for the game of baseball when the Dodgers are relevant.

Today on ESPN’s The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Colletti was asked if there was a ‘WOW’ moment with Yasiel Puig:

“(In the Arizona Fall League) You could be standing in the ballpark with your back to the field, and we’ve all heard how many millions of balls come off the bat; and it just sounded different when it came off his bat.”

He continued on his prize young Latin player:

“The kid loves to play. He’s passionate about playing, he never wants to sit out. And when he’s in there – it’s full boar.”

The whole interview is good. What a well-spoken and humble man. We hope somehow, things end well for this Colletti-built bunch out in Los Angeles. He deserves a lot of credit for turning the Dodgers around along with the rest of that front office.