Bryce Harper Destroys Julio Teheran (Again) – and Gets Plunked for It (Benches Clear)


This was one of Harper’s more impressive home runs of the season, his 17th of the year. This one will be much more memorable then the first one he hit off Teheran this year for a couple of reasons.

And that, led to this:

I’m all for playing the game the right way, but no one did anything to Justin Upton or his teammates after he slow-walked his home run the previous night.

Have to commend Harper for not charging the mound here – his worthless team needs him right now. And I cannot believe the Nationals didn’t have the stones to retaliate. That’s honestly as big of a sign that exists that the game has passed old Davey Johnson by.

And then there’s this:

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 9.17.40 PM

Nothing like a few Official team twitter accounts throwing barbs at eachother; most likely a couple of college interns who will be relieved of their duties soon. Would love to ask the Braves teen that is running the control deck on twitter what Harper is supposed to do differently there?

  • Daniel

    Harper also had his most impressive pornstache of the year along with a very clutch strikeout to end the game. Nats are done.

  • Pez

    So the Nats didn’t plunk Justin Upton for his slow trot? Who’s fault is that? Teheran DID plunk Harper – and there’s zero evidence he did it in retaliation. Who puts the tying and winning run on base to make a childish point? Just because he didn’t back down afterward, Teheran is suddenly seeking revenge? And if the Nats didn’t hit Justin Upton after his slow trot, whose fault is that? The Braves weren’t going to bench Upton for it.

    As for the tweet about Harper being 20, well, Teheran is only 22. It’s not like he was a grown man picking on a child.

    It’s baseball, for cripes’ sake. You write the article as if the Braves go from town to town shoving everyone who gets in their way. When is the last brawl the Braves were involved in? Bet you can’t name it without hitting a reference book. They’re a professional organization, and they plat ball the right way. Move along – nothing to see here.

  • Bob

    Bit of a Tater-Trot, no?

  • Ben

    The difference in the two homeruns is Upon’s looked like it was going to be foul how many players stand and watch to see if the ball is fair or not. Harper’s was dead away center field he was showing off that is why he got a Rawlings bruise souvenir from Tehran.