A Date that will life in Baseball Infamy: The Biogenesis Suspenions Hit


And ‘that’; as they say, is ‘that’. Isn’t that what was said when Tommy got whacked in Goodfellas?

Today we learned who got pinched in the PED Biogenesis case.

Those unexpected players, as reported by Yahoo’s Jeff Passan, are the Mets’ Jordany Valdespin, the Phillies’ Antonio Bastardo, and the Astros’ Sergio Escalona.

Fox Sports’s Ken Rosenthal reports that those three, as well as Texas’s Nelson Cruz, San Diego’s Everth Cabrera, and Detroit’s Jhonny Peralta will be accepting 50-game suspensions, the same as a failed test under the Joint Drug Agreement.

Additional players facing punishment include Seattle’s Jesus Montero, the Yankees’ Francisco Cervelli, and minor leaguers Cesar Puello (Mets), Fautino De Los Santos (free agent), Fernando Martinez (Yankees), and Jordan Norberto (free agent). All are expected to receive 50-game suspensions.

Bartolo Colon, Melky Cabrera, and Yasmani Grandal will not face further punishment, as they have already served 50-game suspensions for failing drug tests. Ryan Braun accepted a 65-game suspension last month. Cesar Carrillo, a minor leaguer whose name appeared in Biogenesis documents, was handed a 100-game suspension and was subsequently released by the Tigers.

Washington’s Gio Gonzalez and Baltimore’s Danny Valencia, despite being mentioned in early Biogenesis reports, have been cleared of wrongdoing by MLB’s investigation.

I’ll be the saddest to see Everth Cabrera go for my own selfish reasons. It’s too bad the thefty little son of a bitch couldn’t outrun this problem.

If baseball had a history textbook (Ken Burns’ documentary doesn’t quite count), this would be a very important historical chapter. At any minute now we could learn that Alex Rodriguez is done forever.