It’s Trading Deadline Day


Today is that asterisked day on the baseball calendar. July 31st, better known to the bleacher bum fan as the trading deadline. The deadline officially ends in a couple of hours at 4:00 PM ET, and it’s expected to be a rather slow deadline in terms of some of the huge deals we’ve seen go down in the past.

It’s also kind of an unofficial thing; I mean I remember the old deadline would always end at midnight but you would hear about deals that went down around 2:00 AM in the wee hours of the morning after the deadline had reportedly ended.

Since we have a job and a life aside from writing about baseball (very unfortunate) it would be best if you follow all the action on the FOX Sports Trade Deadline blog.

All is quiet on the Reds front. And the Pirates still haven’t went and added anyone. Nor have the Nationals. Those are three teams that could really use some players to supplement what they have.

I still miss the old midnight deadline deals. They need to bring back the late-night trade deadline.