Olney: “Scouts think Justin Upton is just an average Major Leaguer”

Yesterday on the ESPN Fantasy Focus Nate Ravitz was talking to Buster Olney about Justin Upton among other things. You probably missed this if you have a life, but we didn’t. Take a listen for yourself (12:00 mark).

Olney says that the book is out on Upton and Major League teams absolutely know how to pitch him to get him out. Scouts say you can consistently beat him on the inner half of the strike zone with fastballs, and when he attempts to adjust to that they start throwing breaking balls away.

Olney remarked that it surprised him the way Upton was cast, but those are the reports that scouts are filing to their teams.

As full of shit as a lot of scouts are, I agree with this. Upton isn’t ever going to take off and have that huge Ken Griffey Jr. type year that many thought he would when he was drafted (an example of scouts being wrong).

But if you think Upton is bad…… my goodness spend a week watching every Jason Heyward at-bat.

Atlanta is a paper lion I say; and they can still be caught because their outfield just isn’t hitting enough.