How about a Twi-night Doubleheader in the Bay


Yes, it’s Candlestick Park. We’re aware. #Retro #Classic

Baseball needs to bring back the scheduled doubleheader. It’s good for fans. All day, no matter what went wrong in my day; I knew I got to come home tonight to 18 innings of baseball between the Reds and Giants. That’s the kind of anticipation that breeds happy fans.

So baseball, here’s my pitch. Every team in baseball gets to host one scheduled doubleheader during the season. It doesn’t have to be with both games at night (it would be nearly impossible for a team in the Midwest or East to pull this off) but everyone has to play one. It’s like all NFL teams sharing the responsibility of playing overseas once every few seasons.

So everyone settle in for two games out in San Francisco between the Reds and the Giants (who dare we say, are starting a mini-rivalry). If you don’t have all Reds and Giants in your fantasy lineups this evening, shame on you. It’s like a lottery ticket and every guy has the chance to go off and have a big time day in the double-dip (Ben Zobrist drove in 10 a few seasons back in a doubleheader).

And now here’s your classic rock song of the day to set the mood. How about a little Sammy?