Yasiel Puig and the All-Star Game Final Vote

Yasiel Puig

It’s tough to put Yasiel Puig’s start to his career into perspective, because this is the internet age and every rookie that comes up is the greatest prospect we’ve ever seen and the latest and greatest new toy. But here is something to chew on while you’re trying to denounce Mr. Puig:

Clearly, all the buzz is about Puig becoming an unprecedented All-Star just 30 or so games into a career. It really hasn’t been done before. People want to see it. Respected writers are lobbying for it. Hell, even Colin Cowherd wants to see Yasiel Puig there because Puig is “polarizing” to him. If you’re a baseball player and Colin Cowherd talks about you, you know you’re big time.

That’s the nature of sports today. Most people want to see new things after a number of years of the same old moniker.

Puig is on the Final Vote ballot – fans have a chance to send him to the game if he gets enough ‘N5’ text messages to 89269. The man built like Bo Jackson whose approach reminds me of Vlad Guerrero who has seemingly injected life into the floundering Dodgers just might be in the All-Star Game after just a month in the big leagues. We’re definitely intrigued by ‘Little League Puig’ as Harold Reynolds called him (Reynolds was lobbying for Puig votes on the FOX pregame show also).

Hopefully this kid is part of the week at Citi Field. He’s one of those rare guys who just seems to catch your eye and make you a fan; and it kills us not to vote for a guy like Ian Desmond who is probably more deserving of the spot. It’s just more epic for the sport if Puig gets in.