Las Vegas Day One Recap


My wife and I dropped our son (our dog Bentley) off at the doggy daycare at 7 AM Ohio time this morning and made the cross-country flight out west today. It was nearly 120 degrees today out here – a day you could actually sweat just from thinking too hard.

I’m here right now looking out my window at the Las Vegas strip as I type this. I spent most of the day at the Belagio sports book, and I’m going ‘early’ to bed in order to rise early and start hitting the tables and baseball bets hard in the morning, so I better start writing this update, shut down my online slot game that i’m playing here and go to bed. We’ve got a lot of work to do and a short amount of time to do it in.. We’ve got a lot of work to do and a short amount of time to do it in.

The day’s saving grace came by way of Devin Mesoraco’s bat.

And of course we have the day’s well-laid parlay plan gone bad:


I didn’t think the Pirates would win an 8th straight game. I didn’t think they had it in them. Francisco ‘Lights Out’ Liriano and the gang had other plans. The Pirates are baseball’s first team to 50 wins at a record of 50-30. Maybe I’ll bet against them again tomorrow. I’m thinking about it. And if they win a 9th in a row, good for them.

I knew the Reds would win today, and they did. I know my Reds. They’ve really been in a funk lately. They laid an egg last night, and they face Yu Darvish tomorrow. With Nick Tepesch on the mound today for Texas, I knew they would find a way. It wasn’t easy, and it sure as Hell wasn’t by design. But they got it done.

As for the Yankees – and I only included these mediocre asshats on my betting slip to show a little good will to my wife, the Yankees fan – they didn’t even give us a chance. They found themselves down in a 4-0 hole by the end of the first inning and that horrid asshole David Phelps clearly didn’t have it today. Yet he continued to challenge the likes of Chris Davis, Adam Jones and the rest of the heart of the Baltimore order. He found a way to continually sandwich walks and slap singles around huge, run-scoring hits. I hate the guy.

And it sounds like Bryce Harper is coming back Monday! And I’m in his hometown to see it! And I’ll surely gamble on that game one way or another. I’m going on nearly 24 straight awake hours. I’m fried. I need to go to sleep. Tomorrow shall be a day for me and lady luck to bond.