Hard Hittin’ Mark Whiten Player of the Week


Jay Bruce is no stranger to home run binges, but when you take a step back and say that he just had the best power week of his six-year Major League career; you know he must have went bat-shit bonkers.

Bruce at one point had seven straight hits that were home runs, and then yesterday he had to ruin things by hitting a couple of doubles. The real shame in this is that the Reds are off tonight, because when Jay Bruce is in a groove like this the only thing that can slow him down is a day off. He was so good that towards the end of the week when he destroyed Patrick Corbin and Heath Bell in the same game with monster shots, no one was really surprised. It was almost expected.

It is with great honor that we get the opportunity to name our favorite player the Hard Hittin’ Mark Whiten Player of the Week.

And here’s the highlight reel of a few of these in case you missed them. None of these were cheapies, and they didn’t include the bomb he hit Monday when we were at the park or the prior Sunday’s home run off Wily Peralta either. You can’t really blame MLB.com for losing track of all the home runs that Jay Bruce hit in the week prior because there was so damn many of them.

If Bruce has another week like this within this 2013 season he’s going to probably have a shot at winning the MVP award. Player’s typically play 15 years if they’re really good and maybe have one week like this in their entire career. It’s debatable whether or not this was the best overall offensive week of Bruce’s career. That’s how scary hot he gets.