Davey Johnson: “I think Bryce Harper will be back pretty soon”

Big news in the baseball world yesterday for fans of the game (and fantasy baseball owners). Bryce Harper has been approved to walk! ZOMG it’s a miracle!

According to a quote in the Washington Post by his manager, Harper might actually be back in the lineup pretty soon.

Once Harper can sprint and take batting practice, he will have to play two or three minor league rehab games, Johnson said.

“I think he’ll be back pretty soon,” Johnson said.

We’re wishing Harper a quick recovery. Except he’s missed over 30% of this season, so that’s not possible at this point. I wonder if he still thinks it was a good way to #RespectTheGame by running into that wall in Los Angeles? We’re only kidding.

Just get back out there soon, young Harper. We really hope he’s playing when we’re in Las Vegas so we can throw a few bets against a Nationals team that has no business being favorites against anyone right now.