Matt Cain finally pitches like Matt Cain

Matt Cain might be finally getting on track

Matt Cain has had a rough season so far.  Before today he was sporting a 5.09 ERA and was only 4-3.  It seemed like Matt Cain was underrated for a while and he just went out and worked innings for the Giants.  One year ago he threw a perfect game against the Houston Astros.  Today he may have righted his season by throwing another gem- though a shorter one.  Cain went 6.2 innings while only allowing 2 hits and striking out 3.  This isn’t close to a perfect game, it wouldn’t even be mentioned in the great pitching performances of the season.  But for Cain, and how his season is going, it means a lot.  I’ve been a fan of Cain and if the Giants want to compete he is going to have to perform more like this the rest of the season.