Here’s the first Bryce Harper Stadium Giveaway Bobblehead


I remember the day when bobblehead days at stadiums were so sacred that people were camping out like a day in advance to land Ichiro’s first bobblehead and my dumbass showed up at 10 AM in Cincinnati for a 7:35 PM start time (that will clue the die hards that it was at Old Riverfront Stadium) just to land Adam Dunn’s first bobblehead.

The Reds beat the Padres 9-0 that night, and I harassed the living dogshit out of Bubba Trammel from my upper deck seat during batting practice. The things children do in boredom.

It kind of cheapified the whole thing for me when I found out the first 20,000 fans got the Dunn bobblehead that day – I was a rookie to the experience and thought it would be some type of exclusive thing and there wouldn’t be enough and I would have a rare artifact on my hands in the form of a baseball collectible. And when I got in the stadium there were Dunn bobbleheads laying in the aisle ways, people were taking four and five home somehow. My car broke down that night on the way home.

Today, that bobblehead is somewhere under the bed in my room at my parents house. The bobblehead never got listed on eBay and if it did it’s probably worth less than it would cost to ship it.

But here, yes; here we have a bobblehead which is worth the purchase of a ticket and a little early arrival to land one. This is Bryce Harper’s first bobblehead, and it’s done a lot better than the old Adam Dunn one that I landed in 2002. It’s next Saturday against the Rockies in D.C., the only hope is that Harper is either in the lineup or on his way back. It’s like; some type of rule that you can’t miss your own bobblehead night. Especially not your bobblehead debut.

And if someone out in our nation’s capital wants to pick up an extra one of these beauties for me, I’ve got a 2002 Adam Dunn bobblehead from Old Riverfront Stadium with your name on it.