Hard Hittin’ Mark Whiten Memorial Player of the Week

Domonic Brown

When we began this little award program, we had no idea that someone would have this Mark Whiten of a week. No idea whatsoever.

To put it into perspective, Dominic Brown had 12 career home runs entering this season. Now before last week he did have nine on the season. That isn’t half bad. But last week Dominic Brown treated us to something other-worldy. In fact, those that own him in fantasy baseball almost feel dirty or like we are cheating because of what he went out and did.

Here’s Dominic Brown’s week that was:

12 for 30 (.400), 7 HR, 13 RBI, 2 BB, a triple and two steals added for good measure. That’s an OPS of 1.604.

When seeking out our HHMWMPOTW – we look for guys who had a week that they’ll never have again in their lives. I would say that this settles the bill in a satisfactory manner.

Two multi-homer games in the week, Dominic Brown was clearly in the matrix. He existed not in the same plane as the rest of players in baseball, especially opposing pitchers who were simply trying to keep the ball in the field of play.

Holy shit, I never thought Dominic Brown would be awarded the Hard Hittin’ Mark Whiten Player of the Week Award, and here I might have to go and re-name the damn thing because of the guy.