Memorial Day Weekend: When Baseball Season Takes Full Bloom


In my opinion we are entering one of the best and happiest times of the year. The old addage goes that ‘nothing is real in the game of baseball until Memorial Day’. What you’ve seen up to this point for Cinderella teams, teams that disappoint and surprising player seasons is now hardened cement. What you’re seeing now is reality (unless you’re an Indians fan and have seen this theory dispelled often).

When I was a kid growing up playing ball, this was always the weekend of the giant kick-off tournament with the summer team. When I got older it was the American Legion team. It was a great time as a family to be playing baseball, traveling to a tournament, starting with a fresh slate and hopefully a high batting average that first weekend in.

Now that I’m older my Memorial Day weekend consists of different things I’m looking forward to. A few days away from the stresses of an office. My neighborhood pool opening. The fact that the Reds are surging – and I get to see them play live both tomorrow and Monday. My fantasy teams are in first place. Life is good.

So while you’re enjoying the weekend barbecues and the freedom of this wonderful life we’re all given the opportunity to live, take a few moments to mentally give thanks not only for the great game of baseball but those who sacrificed so that we could be so fortunate.

And I’m off the soapbox. Baseball and Memorial Day are an American combo – they just go together. The next four days are full of games with every team in action which to the baseball fan is a holiday in itself. Don’t drink too much beer this weekend or eat too many hot dogs. Actually, nevermind. You only live once. If you’re going to do those things this is the weekend to go ahead and splurge.

Happy Memorial Day. Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.