Rank Relief: Seattle gives a double dip

A three run walk off home run is a thing of beauty...for the Indians

A three run walk off home run is a thing of beauty…for the Indians

Seattle came into Monday trying to avoid a sweep at the hands of red hot Cleveland.  They nearly did…twice.  First Tom Wilhelmson came in to the bottom of 9th with only a one run lead to protect.  He did not – though he did not allow an earned run.  The game tied, it went into extra innings.  Seattle soldiered on and scored another run in the 10th.  Then Charlie Furbush came in to get some kind of save.  Let’s sort out the gory details below:

RR 5.20 - 2

Note the two errors basically directly led to the run being scored.  Use two hands kids!  at least Wilhelmson can’t be too angry since one was his own.  Onto the 10th.

RR 5.20 - 3

Another error – although this one didn’t end up mattering except the the Indians won by 2 instead of.  Relievers are supposed to forget easily…and they should.  But blown saves in consecutive innings to get swept isn’t going to be an easy one to push out of their mind.