A Hurting Bryce Harper sends Home Run #11 into the San Diego bushes


Some type of Tyson Ross breaking ball that didn’t work out was launched 431 feet into the night in San Diego, just a stroke after midnight.

Writers have spent the week comparing Harper to Pete Reiser; who was just a young Dodgers outfielder who ran into a lot of walls and never hit more than 14 home runs in a season.

I guarantee Pete Reiser never hit a ball this far. Nats win 6-1. Harper homers. Stephen Strasburg actually went more than seven innings. All is right with the fantasy baseball world.

Have you ever heard the expression “this guy has the power to hit them out of Yosemite”? When I think about Yosemite, I’m actually thinking about San Diego’s Petco Park. That is Yosemite. Tyson Ross: Bryce Harper just made you famous.