Check out the gap between the called third strike and home plate

Check out the gap between the called third strike and home plate

Yesterday Mariano Rivera record his 16th save of the season.  The final out was a strikeout of Michael Morse.  No one confuses Morse for an elite hitter, but the need to review the final strike call is glaring.  It wasn’t close.  I know humans aren’t perfect and they get graded and all, but it’s just a bad call to end a game.  And then the umpire, Jerry Layne, did his little strike out dance.  Is this really necessary.  Does an NFL referee add a little stank to his offsides call?  Be a professional, audibly say strike three, maybe make a fist to indicate out and walk off the field.  Below is the pitch chart.

K 2

The worst is that the pitch is right next to a called ball.  98% accuracy is fine when the misses are close.  I’m not sure exactly how the umpires are graded but the misses should be weighted by distance from zone.  A call missed by an inch isn’t as bad as one missed by 6 inches.  Abtter should protect the plate and probably swing at a close one.  But no one can reasonably expect Morse to swing at a pitch like that. (unless he is fooled, which he is a decent amount)  To top it all off, Fayne does his strikeout dance to end the game.  Not quite an #umpshow, but combined with the bad call, it’s horrible.

K 3

Jerry Fayne about to pull a Street Fighter tiger upper cut on Michael Morse