Rank Relief: Jim Johnson brings Orioles record in 1 run games towards the mean

rank relief 5.14-1

A single up the middle spelled disaster tonight

Jim Johnson has been pretty good this year with 14 saves and an ERA and WHIP under1.  Today was not a good day.  Trying to hold onto a one run lead.  Johnson gave up a pair of singles before he was gifted double play ball and his hopes for pulling a save out went up.  One single, later the game was tied.  An HBP and another single later, the lead was gone.  Details:

rank relief 5.14-2

The tally:  4! singles, 1 HBP. 2 runs and 1 blown save.  A lot of people think Jim Johnson has been pitching above his head.  I won’t say but his year just got a little worse tonight.