thinks you should already know your All-Star ballot

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 9.45.56 PM has released it’s All Star ballot, and if you have an official MLB account you received an email today with a suggestive image of who you should vote for.

For the most part, all of the guys pictured above will be in the midsummer’s classic. But there are a few sneaky characters in that shot, one particularly sneaky dread-locked man.

Are you telling me that in two calendar months plus that Coco Crisp is still going to have All-Star numbers? I know that Oakland is the king of claiming prized junk from the impound lot of baseball, but I don’t think Crisp gets there. He’s just hot.

I also don’t like Carlos Santan’s odds of being there – he’s from Cleveland so you can forget about him getting any type of fan vote to earn a ticket to the game. He can OPS .950 all he wants, he’s still from Cleveland and Cleveland players get snubbed.

The rest of these guys shouldn’t make any plans for that mid-July weekend. They’ll be occupied with exhibition. Except Cano. He’ll probably be suspended by then.

You can pretty much vote an unlimited amount of times each day. You want to see Alcides Escobar in this game? Knock yourself out. Stay up all night and experiment to see if you can make it happen.