Rank Relief: The one where Heath Bell actually gets a win

rank relief4 4.21

Wilton Lopez scratches his shoulder when he gives up game winning runs

The Rockies have been one of the surprises of the season so far and we still aren’t quite sure how they’re doing it.  But whatever it is, today they did not do it.  Wilton Lopez entered into the 9th looking to collect the save for the Rockies with them only up one run.  They were at Colorado so I guess we should have known a 4-3 final score was too low.  This is what Wilton did with his time on the bump:

rank relief3 4.21

These are probably the least sexy ways to give up the tying and go-ahead runs, but they still count.  The tally:  3 hits and 2 runs.  As stated in the title, the weirdest part of this is that a rank relief regular, Heath Bell, ended up backing into a win.  Good for him.  We’ll be seeing him soon I’m sure.